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Junior Courses

Course Description


The earlier children are exposed to a language, they pick it up quicker and easier, than later in life. 


At the LLC, we believe that each child is unique and will learn at his/her own pace. We provide a warm and loving environment that focuses not only on learning but the joys of being in a “preschool” environment as well. While having fun they are developing the social, emotional, physical and cognitive foundations they need to succeed — not just in their next school, but throughout their lives.


At this age the emphasis on learning is through play and fun through various activities which include songs, rhymes, music, stories, creative play and imaginative play.Our program allows children to learn by having them pursue their own personal interests and is designed for a balance of both teacher initiated and child initiated activities. At the LLC we want to encourage children’s natural curiosity an interest in learning by providing them with stimulating activities in an environment created just for them.

Junior English Courses Tangier

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